Our Mission

isawgod_logo111The mission of I Saw God Books is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to show the reality of Heaven, and the truthfulness of God’s Word by publishing the testimonies of those who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).
    Our goal is to impact lives by sharing life-changing stories of those who have died and returned to tell about it. These amazing experiences not only inspire the faith of Believers by validating the truths of the Bible but are also powerful and compelling evangelistic tools to open the eyes of the unsaved.
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About the Author

jimanderson_homeBorn and raised in Ashland, Ky., James (Jim) Anderson graduated from Paul Blazer High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky. Most of Jim’s 30-year professional career was spent as an engineering project manager and a private consultant in the steel industry.
    Now a Christian writer, Jim is the author of the Amazon International No. 1 bestselling book I Saw God. He also authored God Wants You Well, and the innovative Bible-study volume, The COMPLEAT Gospel of Jesus. The Greatest Lie Ever Told, will release this year.


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